Many people believe that spending time and money on cosmetics that do not have a noticeable effect like a primer will only bring more annoyance and waste. is the secret to making a flawless smooth foundation and bright skin after a long day of makeup. But to know which is good and how to use it effectively, not everyone knows it. The article will give you the most complete information about the best and most recommended best mattifying primer today.

1. What is a primer and how does it work?

Lining cream can be considered as a layer of lotion, and can be considered as the first makeup step on the face. This is an extremely important step, separating the skin from the cosmetic layers that are used later, protecting the skin from any harmful effects.

Not only that, if you want a perfect smooth foundation, it is indispensable for the support of the foundation. At this time, the liner is like a thin layer of fixed skin tone, improving skin imperfections and keeping the makeup layer longer.


Different types of makeup creams have different functions. Some primers tend to lighten the skin, while others tend to reduce the skin tone. And often creams often come with skincare effects like moisturizer, sunscreen or contain anti-aging and anti-acne ingredients.

2. Classification mattifying primer

When choosing a primer, many girls will be confused between the two names primer and makeup base. If you do not learn, you will easily mistake and make the wrong choice.

With makeup base used as a primer to color and cover imperfections before applying the next steps. The makeup base is used in areas that are prone to imperfections like puffiness, lips. with the purpose of making the skin look more vivid.

Unlike makeup base, primer acts as a skin care and protection layer to prepare for the next makeup steps. Because of its more prominent use, primers are also much more popular. Thanks to the primer, skin with inherent imperfections can become smooth and flawless.

If you have problems with enlarged pores, obnoxious shiny skin or wrinkles at the corners of your eyes, primers are the best solution. This lining will keep your face dry with a sticky base, lasting all day long.

3. Which to choose best mattifying primer?

The first criterion to mention when evaluating a primer is the guarantee of safety for the user. Compared to other cosmetics, the cream works directly on the skin and protects the face from other makeup steps. Therefore, you should consider this criterion carefully before choosing to use any type of primer .

To evaluate which good cream should base on each skin type to choose the most appropriate.

For primer will be suitable for oily, oily skin. A good oil alkaline primer will have the function of shrinking the pores, making the foundation smooth and last longer.

Meanwhile, dry skin girls will need to find a moisturizer with moisturizing properties to prevent the foundation from becoming cracked and flaky.

Those of you with uneven skin color, skin with lots of imperfections should choose a primer with color correction and blurring function. A light pink or yellow primer will be the right choice for you.

For those of you with acne skin. So choose a blue primer to neutralize redness and improve dark spots. You should also avoid oily creams or scents. Instead, choose ingredients that are effective in treating acne.

Those with sensitive skin are the ones who have to be most careful when choosing lining creams. It is best to choose a product: soothing, does not irritate the skin. Ingredients of natural origin, do not contain toxic chemicals, do not contain substances that can cause allergies to your skin.

4. How to use the primer

After choosing a suitable and suitable primer, you should also know how to use the primer properly.

First, it’s simple but still the most important thing to remember: use a primer after applying moisturizer and before applying foundation.

When applying the cream to your skin, you can use any tool you like, like a brush, sponge or fingers. Apply more base cream in areas where it is most needed, such as areas of skin that need to refrain from oil, moisturize or cover imperfections.

Note that only a sufficient amount of primer can be applied to the entire face. If you use too much, the liner can become sticky, making makeup much more difficult.

Finally, wait a few minutes for the primer to dry completely before continuing with the makeup step.

5. Top 5 best mattifying primer today

After you have identified the type of skin, you will be very confused as to which brand to choose, We present to you some of the most popular Lotion today. more options.

_ NYX Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer

Hidden in the form of a pretty small tube of cream, NYX liner cream can turn into the hero of your skin in a snap. Only with a thin, light, creamy white layer of this product, it can perform up to 4 functions with a pea-sized amount.

When used, the product is capable of covering pores and limiting oil secretion perfectly. Not only that, the defects on the face are also naturally covered, the skin tone is raised by half a tone with the real skin tone. Thanks to that, a smooth white skin is no longer a dream out of reach.

The effect is so, but this NYX’s cream does not bring a sense of secret or heavy face. On the contrary, the softness of the product also makes your skin feel moisturized, challenging even the harsh weather conditions.

_ Guerlain primer

The name Guerlain is famous for the birth of the strange and irresistible product lines. That is also the reason why its cream products have outstanding and delicate appearance, ready to steal the hearts of every girl. The most prominent among them are the two names: Guerlain Meteorites and L’Or.

Both product lines have a transparent, sturdy bottle body with handy spray. If Meteorites had an elegant pearl pink color made specifically for oily girls, then the dry skin had L’Or sparkling with pure gold.

apart from the elegant and lovely design of the two product lines, it is still not enough to captivate you. Even the quality of the product is well thought out.

Mereorites have an alkaline effect, create moisture-blocking membranes, and fill the skin’s fine lines and wrinkles. A little alcohol in the product will not irritate your skin because it has passed rigorous testing and is within allowed limits. This alcohol will keep your skin smooth throughout the day.

Guerlain L’or cream is the perfect choice for dry skin

Equally outstanding, L’Or also brings useful effects such as: moisturizing, smoothing the skin. Helps cover dull areas and pores, allowing the foundation to last longer. The cream is cool, gentle, quickly absorbed into the skin and does not cause greasy. Guerlain Lotion is the best line of dry skin girls.

_ Le Blanc De Chanel Multi-Use Illuminating Base Primer

Coming from another hind-end cosmetic brand, Chanel cream has many outstanding advantages.

As a versatile line of creams, Chanel Le Blanc can control oil, smooth and brighten the skin, covering minor imperfections. Thereby helping the makeup layer behind more perfect.

Not stopping there, the skin care essence in the product will also help restore and rejuvenate tired skin due to frequent contact with cosmetics. The skin after moisturizing by the product will add a healthy glow, smooth.

In addition, thanks to the ability to brighten and shine healthy skin, you can also use products such as gentle highlights on the cheekbones or the bridge of the nose. If desired, you can use the brush to make the use more convenient.

Makeup Primer Forever Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer

The design is made of matte plastic tube, which is convenient to use and carry around with you. When applied to the skin for a soft, non-sticky, no-secret feeling.

The functions a primer cream needs products can meet well. The shortcomings that make many girls lose confidence such as big pores, bran acne, black pimples are all covered very well, but still retain the natural look.

Makeup Forever cream has many colors to choose from

The secret to creating a complete foundation lies in three active ingredients in the product: Acti Tensor 3D helps firm skin, Reactive evenly skin tone and Hyaluronic Acid provides water to the skin.

Besides, the company also produces lotions with many colors to serve each different purpose. These include: black for oily skin and large pores, turquoise for acne or redness, gray blue for dehydrated skin, pink for light, slightly pale skin ….

The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser primer

Coming from The Body Shop, which is very popular, the end product is no stranger to young people who love beauty. This is definitely a product worth a try.

The main ingredient of the product is extracted from organic green tea essential oil from Kenya. Its effects include: antibacterial, promotes cell regeneration, helps to quickly heal minor wounds, fade brown spots or ugly scars, minimize pores. Especially, this essential oil can help treat pustules and cysts effectively.

Because of this, the product is said to be the optimal choice for those with acne-prone skin, damaged skin and need recovery support. In addition to skin care, this product is also promised to help for a matte and longer lasting foundation, while holding the oil still, the skin feels light and cool.

Product texture is soft, thin and light. Design tube style cool blue eyes, youthful, neat. Where the tube has a sturdy lid, the pump hole makes it easy to adjust the amount of cream to use.

Hopefully through this article, you can assess which is mattifying primer the best. From there choose a suitable cream to protect your skin and help your foundation more and more perfect. For more information please visit softouchpermanentmakeup

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