Moisturizing the skin is considered the most important step in the beauty process, but choosing the right moisturizer for your skin still makes it difficult for many people. Often, most people who choose a cream only look at the brand and find the right one for their skin without knowing that this is relative. Therefore, the following article will help you have more useful knowledge to choose moisturizing products suitable for the skin.

How to choose a best moisturizer for black skin type


Normal skin

The skin has a good balance between oil and water, is considered a relatively good skin, and is the type of skin that everyone dreams of owning. The skin is usually smooth, pores are almost imperceptible, fair skin color, ruddy and less sensitive to the outside environment.

Moisturizer for normal skin

It can be said that this is a “flawless” skin so the care regime is not too picky and complicated. Because of this, most moisturizers labeled “for normal skin” are the perfect choice for you. The way to choose moisturizer for this skin type is that you should look for liquid foundation. Because they will provide enough moisture without feeling greasy.


Oily skin is an oily skin with thick oily tissue. The most recognizable feature of this type of skin is that it is oily on the face, especially it should be noted the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin).

How to control oil for oily skin

In addition, the skin also has large pores and acne. So moisturizers for the skin need to be concurrent with the oil control function.

Dry skin

Dry skin usually has quite small pores, less pimples and inflammation but sometimes acne or blackheads still appear. In addition, the skin is always dry, slightly rough, even with small scales and flaking when the weather is dry.

How to choose a moisturizer for dry skin

Owners of this skin need to improve the condition as soon as possible, because prolonged dry skin condition can form wrinkles and aging skin more quickly. For those with dry skin, choose an oily moisturizer. These creams have a thicker texture that helps lock moisture better and the skin is much smoother.

Sensitive skin

This skin can be considered to be particularly “hard to get”. The skin is quite thin and easily irritated, so taking care of it is extremely difficult. For these skin types, you should choose a brand with hypoallengenic. Make sure the products you use do not contain parabens.

Also, look for skin moisturizers that have a gentle texture and natural extracts.

Sensitive skin

For sensitive skin, look for products with natural extracts

Combination leather

Combination skin is a combination skin of two or more different skin types. Typically, combination skin often has dry and oily areas. Normal skin care products are difficult to exert a thorough effect in the long run. In the winter, combination skin needs a lot more moisture, while in the hot season the skin needs to be moderately moisturized to avoid causing greasy stickyness.

Combination leather

Do not use moisturizers on combination skin

For combination skin, you should not use moisturizers for skin creams because they only provide moisture stronger than the dry skin. However, in the summer, the skin tends to produce more oil. Therefore, mild lotions are more suitable at this time.

How to use moisturizer properly

Before applying moisturizer, your skin needs to be cleansed and applied to moisturized skin. This will help the nutrients in the cream penetrate the skin faster and more effectively. Mineral sprays and toners are all products that help you care for your skin. When using should spray the product onto a cotton ball and wipe gently on the face.

How to use moisturizer properly

Nutrients may penetrate more deeply if the skin is cleansed

When using lotion, people tend to apply more on their face and there is no way to control the amount of cream appropriately. This not only does not help the skin, but also clog pores, which will eventually cause acne. In the case of applying too little skin will not enough moisture causes peeling and dull feeling. Therefore, when applying lotion, you only need to take an amount of nickel with a moisturizer suitable for you.

Besides, skin care from the inside is also very important. Lazy drinking water every day or on a menu that lacks vegetables, fruits, and staying up too late will make your skin even more dry and rough. Should listen to the body and combine skin care from inside and outside to own a smooth, smooth skin.

Hopefully the knowledge just shared above will help you choose the right moisturizer to own yourself a smooth, youthful skin. Always remember the current needs of the skin, Always listen to the skin and care properly. You can access more information at permanentmakeup.

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